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Dernières Nouvelles

Les dernières publications de la régate publiées sur Twitter et Instagram. Envoyé par l'organisateur et directement depuis le bateau de course.

Team Turn tide on plastic:

Pushing hard and reaching the lead early on #Leg7 💪
#TurnTheTideOnPlastic #VolvoOceanRace
📸 @_samgreenfield_


0910UTC a reshuffle within the fleet over the last hour as the boats to the west lost the breeze allowing @TurnTidePlastic & @Vestas11thHour to take a 3 mile lead further east. Follow live on the website tracker https://t.co/l8fqGUjS1R

🚨 #ICYMI: AMAZING footage from the fleet racing past East Cape 👊💥

For the full replay ⏩ https://t.co/0xpwhSKTDk

Ocean hero, @emilypenn, is sailing the North Pacific this summer with @eXXpedition to raise awareness of single use plastics in the ocean and inspire the world to #PassOnPlastic

📝 Team Blog ∙ 19 March 2018 ⛵️
"We have said goodbye to New Zealand. After a long beat upwind we cleared East Cape and cracked sheets and are heading South..."
Read blog in full 👇

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Taiwan Boat Show 2018 opens https://t.co/PXI9KnBBBn #taiwanboatshow #台灣國際遊艇展 #TIBS #2018台灣國際遊艇展 #2018TIBS #China #Taiwan

FITUR 2018 #Madrid #Spain starts #Fitur https://t.co/8VQuQQ4lcE #tourism

The industry has come up with something! #Yachting #Trends 2018 #bootddf #fairs https://t.co/FHvQmwFCSU

2018 London Boat Show as a five-day event with more than 52,000 visitors #lbs18 #londonboatshow https://t.co/a6My4IgbUA

How to tie a knot! 👏
We should open a section of online teaching! 😂🤣
#yachting #knotted #sailingboat #knot #motorboat #skipper #patron #captain #marinero #fun #lbs18 #bootddf #fairs

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Dernières Nouvelles • Team

Volvo Ocean Race

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